Importance and benefits of chemical peel

Chemical Peel: Importance and Benefits

The chemical peel is nothing more than a peeling and deep exfoliation of the skin of the face. It is a standard method practiced by beauticians to treat some skin imperfections, benefiting the skin by renewing its structure and uniformity.

The specialist uses different acids which vary according to the problems to be treated and the intensity of the treatment to be applied. They are usually used in mature people, but it has also been used in teenagers and twenties to diminish deep acne marks on the skin. It all depends on the advice of the professional.

Although before doing this type of procedure, it is possible to prevent the development of skin imperfections with regular care.

Consultation with the Beautician

During the first consultations, the specialist will determine if the treatment is viable to diminish the imperfections that are of importance for the patient. They may wish to eliminate spots on the skin, reduce wrinkles or combat scars resulting from biological changes.

If this treatment is chosen, the previous care that will be taken to prepare the skin for the procedure will be set in motion. Sometimes creams with retinoic acid must be used before the peeling is performed.

The Chemical Peel

This procedure does not take more than half an hour in the professional’s office. There the acids will be applied to him that will begin to provoke an irritation in the skin, that will be followed by a notable redness.

Chemical peel process

This acid acts for a certain precise time, and then the specialist applies a neutralizer which will reduce this sensation. A moisturizing product is used to minimize this sensation. Then, the patient returns home where he should use creams that help renew the skin while avoiding exposure to the sun.

Chemical Peel Results

For a few days, the skin will move from generalized redness to general exfoliation. There will be a new layer of the exterior part as the results, devoid of imperfections and with the marks of the passage of time, attenuated, will re-emerge.

For the peel to work better, the patient should use photo protectors and products with moisturizing properties that will be advised by the esthetician. Except for being in the sun for too long, you can do the same daily activities as always.

The peeling has quite lasting effects. Although it is possible that the following treatments are recommended to assure its results, according to the characteristics of the skin of each person.

Other Accessory Treatments

Because this process for the face requires reinforcing hydration, its results can be complemented with biostimulation. In some cases, botulinum toxin, hyaluronic acid treatments or filler infiltrations are also used.

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