Silky Hair

Tricks and tips to make your hair look glossy and shiny

All of us would kill to have shiny and glossy hair. Our hair is something which defines our beauty, and it has to be taken care of properly. Poor hair condition is a result of your stress levels and other health conditions. To have good hair, you need to make sure that your body healthy is in good condition. The following are some of the tips and tricks on how to get shiny hair.

Wash your hair the right way:

Most of us have a rough way of washing our hair and end up having lots of hair fall. We need to know that our scalp is very sensitive to harsh chemicals and if we apply them directly to our scalp, we might lose our hair. To avoid this, try to mix shampoo with a little water so it becomes diluted and then you can apply it on your hair. Gently massage your scalp as you apply the shampoo and with warm water rinse off the shampoo off your hair and scalp. Once you have washed off the shampoo, use a mild conditioner to make your hair soft. Again, make sure to apply only a little as a lot of chemicals can damage your hair.

After washing your hair do not tie up your wet hair very tightly or rub it too harshly with a towel. Be gentle and wipe the water off your hair slowly and gently. So try not to comb your hair immediately after you wash your hair.

Apply oil before you take hair wash:

Oil seems to provide a natural glow to your hair. If you want to have natural hair which glows, you can consider applying coconut oil or any other preferred hair oil before you take a hair wash. Oil has a brilliant property which strengthens your hair, and it also cools down your body temperature. Applying oil once a week to your hair will make it healthy and shiny.

Hair Oil

Vitamin E for the scalp:

Vitamin E is very good for hair growth, and if you have severe hair loss, you need to check if you have any vitamin deficiency. You can either eat food items which are rich in vitamin E or you can even directly apply them on your scalp. Vitamin E will make your hair stronger, healthier and shinier.

Avoid using heat often:

Applying heat to condition our hair is something which is necessary, but it is not advised to use heat quite often as it is said to damage the hair scalp. Avoid using a hot iron on a daily basis as the heat which is generated from the hot iron will damage your hair. Also, try to apply it directly on your scalp as the damages will be more.

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